Brow Wax Tutorial For Full Brows

IMG_1216 2

Hello, Beautiful! Are you thinking about getting an eyebrow wax, but scared of losing all of your fullness? After over-tweezing my own brows and trying to let them grow out for the last several months, I for one know exactly how scary it can be to trust someone with your beloved brows! They take a long time to grow back if you overdo it. I unfortunately found that one out the hard way! Recently, I asked Jenna Gelineau if she would clean my brows up a bit, and I feel like my brows somehow look FULLER after the wax! The reason why is that Jenna prefers to fill the brows in with a pencil (She likes bareMinerals universal brow filler) before beginning to wax and shape. This ensures her client will not be overwaxed, and can also preview the finished shape before cleaning up the unwanted stragglers. Jenna is an artist with brow shaping!

Here is Jenna filling in Samantha’s brows before a wax.

And here’s Samantha after the wax. Jenna is going to show us how to go in underneath with a highlighter to further accentuate the shape. I love that Samantha still has full brows, but just more definition and shape. Looks great!

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