Excited to Announce: Glytone and Avene coming to Mary Cates!



This morning, I experienced one of the best perks of working in the beauty industry when I attended a skincare class led by Pierre Fabre consultant, Jill Fischer. She proudly introduced the brands, Glytone and Avene, to a roomful of stylists, estheticians, and other staff at The Mary Cates Salon today, as we readily soaked up the information.

From Glytone-USA.com:

GLYTONE combines cosmetic and pharmaceutical expertise to bring elegantly engineered skincare products to the field of aesthetic dermatology. GLYTONE skin therapies lead to real results and healthy skin. We offer a unique combination of in-office procedures and at-home skincare treatments to optimize your results. Our products are only available through physician or dermatologist recommendation because we want to ensure your skin is getting the care it deserves. Have your healthcare professional help you determine the best approach to meet your skincare needs, whether your concern is hyperpigmentation or simple maintenance.

After learning about the unique acid solutions in the 13 different peels available, seeing amazing results in the before-and-after pictures, and learning all about the company and other products, Jill asked if any of us would like to get a peel today. Since I’ve never had a peel before, I was a little nervous. In fact, I’d read that certain TCA peels can be slightly painful. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to watch a coworker first! Thankfully, she only received the mildest peel, Mandelic Acid — a fruit acid peel that is ideal for first-time (and maybe even a little nervous) patients, and gentle enough for even sensitive skin. MA peels are specially formulated to remove redness, reduce pore size, and improve overall skin tone with little to no down time. After watching my co-worker model the peel and seeing that she was in no pain whatsoever, I decided to give it a shot. Mandelic peels do not contain TCA (one of the 65 questions I tossed at the rep), so it’s not ideal for patients who are wanting to diminish photo-aging or severe hyperpigmentation, but it is mostly used as what some might call a “lunchtime peel.” As I laid on the pillow and the esthetician, Lauren Bridges, gently removed my tinted moisturizer and then prepped my face with a wipe containing a ph-balanced toner, I smelled the strong scent of the toner, but felt no discomfort whatsoever. Then, they started the timer and she began to apply the Mandelic acid peel to my forehead first. Still, surprisingly, I felt nothing. It felt like she was wiping a cool liquid on my skin, but nothing else. After she was finished applying the first coat (usually, a patient will receive 2-3 applications), my skin felt warm, but didn’t hurt at all! It was actually kind of relaxing, like lying out in the warm sunshine.

Afterward, my skin wasn’t even red or irritated. All my coworkers said my skin was positively glowing, and it felt great! Still now, hours later, my skin feels fine. It’s starting to feel a little tight, but nothing too bad. I know tomorrow it might start to peel a little, but by next week, I will be loving my skin! I can’t wait!

After learning more about the spectrum of products in the Glytone line (for aging skin, redness, blemish-prone, hyperpigmented, and more), we learned about Avene.

Avene is a small town in the south west of France where a thermal spring was discovered over 260 years ago. This thermal spring water has been proven effective in gently treating atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and even burns. Backed by more than 300 clinical studies, Avene is trusted by dermatologists and estheticians on patients with the most delicate of skin types.

From Avene-USA.com

Avène Thermal Spring Water originates as rain. However, the 40-year journey through the Cevennes Mountain aquifer produces thermal spring water ideally suited for the care and management of sensitive skin.

It gradually becomes infused with trace elements and silicates, achieving a perfectly balanced mineral composition ideal for sensitive skin. Avène soothes, softens, and restores skin’s natural balance. Over 300 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies have clearly demonstrated the skin-healing and soothing benefits of Avène Thermal Spring Water. Even beyond sensitive skin treatment, this therapy has been used for centuries at the Hydrotherapy Center to address a variety of more severe dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis and burns.

If you’re on the fence about getting a peel, I highly recommend starting out slow with a Mandelic Acid peel like I got today. I’ll update soon with my results!


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