Hair Color Trends Summer 2015


Whether you’re wanting to have a lot of fun with your hair color this summer or just spruce up the color you were born with, Mary Cates Salon stylists are up-to-date on all the latest trends and techniques best suited for you.

2015 Hair Color Trends For Summer


Bright Platinum Blonde

While this color isn’t anything new necessarily, it is definitely blowing up in a big way this year. With new technology and a knowledgeable stylist, you can get white-out blonde locks no matter what your natural hair color is!

Beauty note: Even with the newest technology and products, bleaching your hair will cause a bit of dryness. Therefore, with bright blonde hair, it is even more important to take care of your hair. Regular trims and toning/moisturizing treatments become an absolute must when you go blonde. Always ask your stylist what you can expect up front, as some people will need multiple appointments to get to the level of blonde they desire. Also, note that Kim K is no longer platinum! She did look amazing for the 2 months that she kept up with it. RIP to Kim’s blonde moment.



Balayage has been around for a while, but it’s a very popular technique you’ll see everywhere this season. Since it is painted on by hand instead of using the traditional cap or foils, it takes a skilled stylist to perfect. What we love about balayage is that it’s usually less maintenance than traditional highlighting processes that can cause a harsh regrowth line. With balayage, the roots are much more subtle, varied, and can even look more natural as hair grows out. What’s this mean for you? You can spread out your appointments a little and still look fabulous!


Wild Hair Color

Wild hair color refers to any shade that isn’t what you’d call a natural hair color. Because of this, a lot of people assume it’s a younger style or something you can’t have if you want people to take you serious. Since it’s becoming so popular, it’s really not just the very young who are trying out this fun trend. Above, Demi Lovato looks very chic and put-together with her violet waves. Pale green, washed-out aqua, blue, pink, and deep purple hair color can be seen all over the red carpet these days.


Unicorn Hair

A lot of people consider any fun hair color to be considered “unicorn hair” (aka mermaid hair!) but it can also be two or more bright colors such as the peacock-blue-to-light-emerald ombre pictured above. It can even entail many colors painted throughout. There’s so many more options today to go as bright and bold as you like.

Beauty note: With multiple bright colors, you’ll want to carefully choose products with the help of your stylist to keep the colors fresh as some shampoos and conditioners will make the colors fade more quickly.



Babylights are soft highlights placed delicately to mimic the natural lightening process of the sun. This process looks so natural, people will wonder if you just got back from the beach, not the salon. Babylights can also be placed strategically to blur the regrowth line when going lighter.

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Written by Michelle McDowell for Mary Cates Salon. Michelle is wife to one lucky guy and mom to three of the best kids ever! If you have any questions about the blog, would like to contribute to our site, or leave a testimonial, contact us here. We'd love to hear from you!