The Hair You’ve Always Wanted Can Be Yours! Hair Extensions by Mary Cates Salon


Hello, Beautiful! Are you ready for the holidays yet? You’ve purchased gifts for everyone on your list? Check. You’ve decorated your house and sent out greeting cards? Check and check. But have you done anything for yourself lately? Imagine, this holiday season, you give yourself the gift of long, thick, gorgeous hair!

Allow me to set the scene….

The warm glow of the porch light welcomes you into your family’s home, where upon entering, you immediately smell the delicious sweets baking in the oven, and the rich, savory foods already set out on the table. You step inside and just as you’re about to greet your family, their eyes light up as they notice….wow, you look gorgeous! You don’t even have to tell them your secret, but they’ll all wonder! Having lengthening–or thickening–hair extensions done by a professional can make you look younger and more beautiful, since long, thick, shiny hair is a sign of health and vitality!

At Mary Cates Salon, we have stylists experienced in the most beautiful and natural-looking extensions. Whether you’re wanting to add length, volume, or both, we’ve got you covered! Over the years, hair extensions have come a long way. They’re more comfortable than ever before, less visible, and more forgiving in different hairstyles. A lot of people believe that hair extensions are only for you if you desire to have super long hair, but the truth is we do a lot of extensions in shorter hairstyles as well to add body and bounce! Thickening hair extensions are perfect for women with fine or thin hair that just want to add volume! Call for a consultation to find out what extensions would be best for you, and what you can expect.


Now through the end of the year, Certified Perfectress stylist Tasha is running a special just for you!

**Thickening hair extensions – only $265!

**Full set of tape-in lengthening hair extensions (HotHeads or Perfectress) only $999!

**Full set of SoCap – $1099! (Plus, receive 2 months of our VIP membership program FREE!)

**Full set single-strand Perfectress or Great Lengths – $1199! (Plus, receive 2 months of our VIP membership program FREE!)

Some restrictions may apply. Call for more details or to book your consultation.




This holiday season, do something special for you!


Written by Michelle McDowell for Mary Cates Salon. Michelle is wife to one lucky guy and mom to three of the best kids ever! If you have any questions about the blog, would like to contribute to our site, or leave a testimonial, contact us here. We'd love to hear from you!