Nail Trends 2015


Hello, Beautiful! Can you believe it’s already 2015? I’m pretty sure that’s the year Marty McFly time-traveled to in the culminating trilogy…which means that we are so disappointing as a society. We’re supposed to have shoes that put themselves on for us and hover skateboards by now! Where did we go wrong as a society that we’re not able to deliver these goods to the modern consumer, ya’ll?



Personally, although I think the shoes and skateboards were cool, I’m really glad we didn’t decide to take fashion in the direction the movie predicted. At least nail trends in 2015 will be futuristic and fabulous! Here’s 5 of my favorite new trends to rock this year!

1.) Geometric Patterns


The above look is very modern and trendy, but done with the neutral colors ensures it isn’t too loud or crazy for more conservative girls who want to go just a little wild with their talons!

2.) Reverse French


This design was born from women’s dreams. It looks like someone needed to get her nails redone, but it’s okay, because her nails are naturally gold underneath. I’ve had this dream! It was the same night I invented the ombre look because I didn’t have time to get my roots touched up.

3.) Nudes


This look is very DIY-friendly, but not completely boring with the pop of sparkle on the ring finger. A french manicure with a sparkly silver or gold tip instead of the basic white is also very cute and chic right now.

4.) Negative Space


With the negative space manicure, it’s important to have healthy, pale pink nail beds. Make sure your nails look good naked, so to speak, by using an anti-fungal treatment if needed.

5.) Matte Perfection

mattenailsMatte nails aren’t new for 2015, but they’re here to stay for the season. In my humble opinion, they look best when paired with a shiny polish. Otherwise, the look might seem a little dull or unkempt.

What’s your favorite nail trend this season? Pop in for a relaxing spa manicure and we’ll cook up something gorgeous for you!


Written by Michelle McDowell for Mary Cates Salon. Michelle is wife to one lucky guy and mom to three of the best kids ever! If you have any questions about the blog, would like to contribute to our site, or leave a testimonial, contact us here. We'd love to hear from you!